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9 Tips on writing powerful CTAs for social media

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There's no doubt that social media marketing is powerful. with the right Call-To-Actions, you can drive more visitors to your website, boost conversions and generate new leads.

Whatever your end goal, whether it be to get people to sign up for a new course, take advantage of a discount or read an article, a strong, bold CTA will do the job.

What is a CTA?

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So, I know you're itching to grab a dose of the tips to start generating the desired results you dream of, but before we go any further, it's essential for you to know what a CTA is before you set them into action.

A Call-To-Action, also known as a CTA, prompts the reader to take action. As mentioned above, this can be anything, depending on your end goal.

A CTA can be a button in an advertisement or on a website, but it can also be a string of words at the end of a social media post asking you to follow the link in the bio.

Examples of CTAs

Below are a few examples of what CTAs could be:

  • Book an appointment

  • Request a quote

  • Follow the link to learn more

  • Click to register

You get the gist.

How to write compelling CTA for social media

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Before you jump in and begin writing your CTA, you will need to work on a social media strategy to determine what your end goal is. Then craft short and snappy relevant words that will marry with your social media post/social media marketing campaign.

Without further ado, let's jump onto the tips. Keep your notepad and pen handy!

  • Use powerful, punchy action words Whatever your end goal, you want your reader to take action, so use short, snappy, clear verbs (action words) such as those mentioned above in the examples of CTAs.

  • Create a sense of urgency Simply adding words such as 'today' or 'limited time' prompts the reader to take action immediately, if not sooner, rather than mulling things over. Why? Because it creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out).

  • Highlight the benefit Have you ever found yourself asking - well, what do I get from it? This is what comes to your audience's mind when they see your social media post. So, answer that question directly. Sell your USP (Unique Selling Point). For instance, "sign up today for a 50% discount."

  • Keep it brand consistent If you're a straight jacket corporate brand with no fluff, keep your CTAs that way too. No point in trying to be cool when your brand is not in the cool and chill zone.

  • Keep it simple and short This isn't a word bee competition where you need to be churning out long, complex jargon to win the results. Instead, opt for a CTA with a maximum of three to four syllables that are simple and clear. For example, "Book an appointment today."

  • Make it easy to follow By this, I mean guide your audience to the URL/page. Have it set out so that they can reach it in one simple step. If it's a link in your bio, clearly define this and ensure the correct link is there.

  • Make it stand out from the crowd Put it in a coloured box to stand out from the rest of the content (obviously keeping the colours brand consistent). If it's within the text box, add a separation line and emojis to make it stand out. Just remember not to completely disjoint the CTA from your copy in a bid to add space between the two.

  • Give it a personal touch By simply adding words, such as "you" and "your," you create a sense of personalisation and conversation. The audience feels like you're talking directly to them. So, instead of "Book an appoint," you could say, "Book your appointment today."

  • Keep testing A/B testing your CTAs and analysing which drives the results is an essential marketing practice. Whether you play with different colours or by changing up the words by a little or completely, you'll be able to see which ones your audience resonates with the most.

So, there you have them, the nine simple tips to help boost your social media marketing.

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