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Revealing 6 Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

Updated: Mar 22

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Let's face it - the world of marketing is constantly rapidly evolving. What was

once a trend is history as we move on to the next big thing. But there’s one element that consistently remains the driving force behind attracting customers like bees to honey and helping businesses achieve goals – content marketing.

Over the years the storytelling art of content marketing has evolved from factual printed brochures to the vast digital landscape of social media, websites, SEO, and digital marketing.

So, as we fast approach 2024, you might wonder – what content marketing trends to watch out for? Let’s have a look.

Six Content Marketing Trends in 2024 You Need to Know

1. Conversational content marketing

Are you still writing serious factual content that provides one-way interaction? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to this and hello to conversational content marketing. Today's customers want to feel like they are having a personalised experience as they seek instant solutions. They want the gratification of connecting with someone.

How do you do this? For starters, change the tone of your written marketing to be more conversational. Understand your customers' language and provide content that answers their questions.

You can take it a step further by engaging customers in real-time with the use of AI-driven chatbots.

2. Become a storyteller

Remember, content marketing isn’t just about what you say - it’s about how you say it. Draw your customers in by getting creative and embracing the art of storytelling. Whether you’re writing your website copy, a blog, or a social media caption, take your customers on an engaging journey.

Here are a few tips to guide you.

  • Start with an attention-grabbing headline.

  • Write in your unique brand tone of voice.

  • Keep it conversational.

  • Tell a story that provides value by weaving some knowledge into the story.

  • Add metaphors and maybe even embrace some light humour where appropriate.

3. Embrace AI

AI is a hot topic, and it looks like its effects will continue into 2024 as we continue on the path of digitisation. As we head into 2024, we will see businesses continue to embrace AI-powered tools as part of their content marketing strategy (as a means of working efficiently).

But before you go ahead and jump onto the AI bandwagon, check out our article on copywriting using AI: Important things you need to know for insights on how best to use the technology to enhance your content marketing.

And while we’re on this topic, check out our Budget-friendly humanised AI content creation service.

4. Video Marketing

While video marketing isn’t anything new, it’s certainly one we all love. Why? Because it’s entertaining. TikTok, YouTube videos, and Instagram reels all have us hooked for hours on end. And this love will continue into 2024 as consumers continue to seek visually appealing and engaging content.

5. Short-form content

Scroll, scroll, scroll! Do you find yourself scrolling and skimming through content? Well, you’re not alone. The scroll trend has spread far and wide like a virus, making easy-to-digest short-form content a current trend. And one that we can predict will live on in 2024 as consumers continue to engage with content on the go.

6. Hyper-personalisation

We spoke about creating a personalised experience earlier in this article, and this is one trend that is expected to grow in the content marketing scene as more and more consumers seek a tailored experience.

So, how can you go about this? While you might currently be personalising your email marketing to include John Doe’s first name, in 2024, you’ll need to take the personalisation a notch up. For instance,

  • start with knowing who your audience is,

  • what are their interests,

  • further, segment them into interest groups and

  • provide them with tailored content that speaks to them.

Here’s a scenario – if you run an adventure sports company with regular customers, segment them into groups based on the types of adventure sports they regularly book. Once you have separated them into specific interest groups, you can then target your marketing further and hyper-personalise by only sending them advertising and information on what they are interested in (e.g. for those eager rock climbers - rock climbing adventures and deals).

Take your content marketing to the next level in 2024

In conclusion, 2024 is going to be all about the content experiences you create through creative storytelling across various platforms and content marketing channels.

To stand out from the competition, you must stay ahead of the game and embrace the upcoming trends by adapting your content strategy.

So, as you enter 2024, give your content marketing a competitive edge through authentic, creative storytelling – book a discovery call with us today.

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